May 6, 2021


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How to make 1m monthly with just 2k on VFD

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Have you ever thought of how unfair it is, just saving up your money in a bank without getting a dime in return?

What if I tell you that you can make money banking online and getting people to download and use app??

Amazing right? All thanks to VFD!


VFD is a virtual Microfinance bank, with it’s head office in Lagos.

Just like every other bank, you can carry out transactions, save, make payments and withdraw.

Now VFD is bringing more to you via the banking agency. You can earn with VFD and not just banking with them, by becoming an agent and getting people to open accounts with them via the app downloads.

As an agent, you earn in the following way:

Level 1 – N30,000 for 25 active downloads.
Level 2 – N50,000 for 75 active downloads.
Level 3 – N100,000 for 100 active downloads.
Level 4 – N150,000 for 250 active downloads.
Level 5 – N500,000 for 1000 active downloads.
Level 6 – N1,000,000 for 2000 active downloads.
Level 7 – N2,000,000 for 3000 active downloads.

Payments are made at the beginining of every month uniformly.

To use the bank, you would have to download the app, open an account with the refferral code LUEOK and carry out transactions…

But to become the bank’s agent. You would have to do more.


  1. Download the app on playstore.
  2. Open an account by registering on the app with the refferral code LUEOK (you must use this code to join our community and get further assistance).
  3. Fund your account with N2,000 (the money is entirely yours).
  4. Apply for the VFD bank agency.
  5. Follow the instructions and get code.
  6. Get people to download the app and open up a VFD account using your code.
  7. Get paid at the begining of every month for every active account opened under you via app download and usage.

VIOLA! There you go!

Ready to get started? Got any questions? Or have you taken the steps above and need to step furthermore?

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